OOBD GPG Online Key Generator

This page creates a personal pgp key pair, tailored to the OOBD encryption system.

Without any doubt it's always unsecure and not recommend to use any external tool for key generation instead of a local tool like gpg4win, but if the user don't have the rights to install and to use own software, this page is still better as nothing.

In case you want to create your key by yourself with your own software instead, just please make sure that you choose a DSA key type, as OOBD is actual just verified against that key type.

Terms of Use

This page does not store or use any given data at all, all inputs and files are just temporary and will be deleted straight after key generation, with two exeptions: This key generation service is as-it-is without any warranty. The owner of this key generation service do take any responsibility for any direct or indirect damage related to the use of this service. To use this service, you need to agree to this terms of use by selecting the checkbox "terms of Use" below.

So let's start:

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